Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Top Android Games 2011

ANDROID,a word in every mouth, a device in every hand now a days.While engaged in a digital bout with apple's ios,android delivers a ton load of new applications and games every week, which made it a huge success and is currently conquering the passion of users.
lets take a look at the best android games in this year 2011.
The exciting adventure continues with the capturing of angry birds and shipped to rio de janeiro.a successful sequel to the hit game angry birds[2010].in this release you will be  playing to free your friends from the evil smugglers.

Plenty of entertainment with breath taking levels.episodes will be updated throughout grab it at the android market. it's absolutely FREE.

2.CUT THE ROPE[4.6/5]:
Cutest game with an extremely adorable monster called om nom,where you try to feed candy to it,by cutting the ropes.Use your strategies to overcome the obstacles.It is fun.It  is great.It is tough.It is one of the best games ever.

Don't miss this cutely addictive game .Highly recommended.
Grab it from android market for RS.47.28.

Entertain yourself with this challenging puzzle game.Apply your Mechanical knowledge,cable up the best structures,move your robots through bridges,get the marbel to the goal.well,it's not as simple as it first it feels pretty easy,but after when you get deep inside the  game, it really becomes can create your own models in the physics sandbox.

Grab it from android market for RS.135.55
Free Lite version also available.

Gear up your little team,prepare to battle through to the top of the league.Pocket League story is a soccer team simulation game,where you have to train and prepare you team to get the top positon in the league.pick your players wisely,defeat your enemies,get cheered up from the crowd,attract sponsors,an ultimate soccer game experience.

Be victorious, get praised from the audience.     
Grab it from android market for RS.255.93
Free Lite version also available.

Grow grow grow that's all you have to do.Feed your little hungry fish, by eating everything in the aquarium it'll grow.Grow your fish from a restrained jar to the vast sea,experiencing marvelous environments.upgrade your skills, uniquely power up your fish,survive and defeat your enemies.FULL version has all the 64 levels.

Grow is a highly addictive,very entertaining and fun game.
Grab it from android market for RS.97.86
Free Lite version also available.

An Modern  FPS game from GAMELOFT continuing from the first great piece of art.This action FPS game features amazing multiplayer modern war experience.Enjoy Modern Combat 2:Black Pegasus in HD.

One of best acclaimed modern war games.
Grab it from android market for RS.343.76.

GRAND PRIX released recently in september from Kairosoft,grand prix story is a brilliant racing game where you can gear up your drivers,hone their skills,attract sponsors,customize your vehicles rule the grand of the best games from kairosoft.

Grab it from android market for RS.255.93
Free Lite version also available.

8.AIR ATTACK HD[4.6/5]:
AIR ATTACK comes in two parts,highly acclaimed air combat 3D shooter game.visually stunning graphics with 3D effects.entertains you with some great missions,amazing upgrades,unique levels,realtime physics,stunning 3D surroundings,special weapons,huge boss stages and all.

enjoy astounding 3D air attack gameplay in HD.
Grab PART 2 from android market for RS.90.40

SQUIBBLE is a 2d platformed game where you have to swing and bounce in a fast pace to avoid enemies and reach your unique game with impressive graphics,and extremely fun where you will find yourself sticked to it unknowingly.

Grab it from android market for RS.93.25
Free Lite version also available.

10.THE MORON TEST[4.5/5]:
An ANDROID market favourite,the moron test,sounds funny ain't it!.Consists tricky puzzles to make you laugh where you have to prove yourself as a genius.Features hundreds of puzzles to make u laugh while trying to solve the simple tricks.

enjoy fun brain teasing game.
Grab it from android market for RS.48.69.


  1. Modern Warfare is a true symbol of "military service for all." Only short and boring AI can not overcome the intense fighting, the design and splendid excellent multiplayer mode.

  2. All the games above looks really amazing and the modern combat 2 seems to be the best of them.